By: Brittany D.

At this national park there are many things that you can do. You should take a family trip and come see us in Torrey, Utah. Find out more by reading below!
The Castle

Location, Size, and Distance
Capitol Reef National Park is located at 52 Scenic Dr. Torrey, Utah, 84775. It's size is 241,904 acres or 378 square miles. The distance from Oskaloosa, Iowa is 1164.38 Miles. It would take 17 hours 36 minutes to drive there.

Park Hours

The park is open 24/7 year round. 265 days a year! The visitor center is open year round 8 am to 4:30 pm (except for some major holidays) with extended summer hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


The weather for the 4 seasons are, Winter- Low 18 and high 48. Spring- Mid 60 and Lower 80. Summer- Mid 70 and Lower 100. Fall- Low 30 and High 81. Precipitation is, Winter- 1.75%. Spring- 1.54%. Summer- 2.73%. Fall- 1.81%. It rains very often, just enough. One thing id though is this place can be very dry though.


Capitol Reef became a National Park on August 2, 1973. The president that helped make it happen was President Franklin D. Roosevelt,and

President Nixon. The history of the park, The Fremont people had lived all through Utah, Idaho, Colorado and a couple more states.

Indians that once lived in Capitol Reef


This national park is a dry park, It does not get very much rain. Utah is closer to the equator so it is much warmer. Most of the time it is in the upper 70's and lower 100's all the time. If you go there and are planning to go hiking, plan to bring enough water! You can discover a Waterpocket Fold in south-central Utah in the heart of red rock country. Capitol Reef National Park is a hidden treasure filled with cliffs, canyons, domes, and bridges in the Waterpocket Fold. It is a qeologic monocline ( a wrinkle on the earth for easier words) extending almost 100 miles!!

Bighorn at Capitol Reef

Things to See

When you go there you may see deer, Bighorns, birds and many many more things. You can also see caves and tunnels.There are some rare thingsthere that are very hidden. You would have to take a trip out to come and find them! You can find rocks and flowers! The best thing is, if you find something you can keep them!

Things to Do

Things that you can do here are, you can go skiing in the winter, ride 4-wheelers, horseback riding, and go hiking. While you are hiking you can pick sweet, sweet berries. You can also go camping and just plain go sight seeing!