By:Tori C.

Carlsbad Caverns has rocky slopes, thorny shrubs,cactus, and occasional trees. Under the rugged land there are more then 117 known caves. The cave climate is cool and is around 56 degreesF. It is a beautiful place to visit and you can do many things.

It is located in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The size of this National Park is 46,427.26 Acres. And the distance from Oskaloosa,Ia to Carlsbad National Park is 18Hrs. 2min/1136 miles.

Park Hours:
This National Park is open all year round except for December 25.Visitor hours are from 8 a.m-5 p.m.

Average climate in Winter:December-58 degreesF.January-58 degreesF. February-64 degreesF.
Average climate in Spring:March-71degreesF. April-79 degrees F. May- 88 degrees F.
Average climate in Summer:June-95 degrees F.July-94 degrees August-93 degrees F.
Average climate in Fall:september- 87 degrees F. October-78 degrees F. November-67 degrees F.
Old ladder

Carlsbad Caverns became a national park in May 14,1930.Robert Holley went to investigate it and he wrote his final report and 1 year later it was proclaimed a national park. Prehistoric Indians came to Carlsbad CAverns and looked for shelter. Then John White found it and he spent hours looking at it and seeing the drawings that the Indians made on the walls of the caves.

Nearly 400,000 Brazilian free-trial bats call Carlsbad Caverns home in the summer. The first "official" and very influenced book on Jim White's adventures in Carlsbad Caverns was written in 1930 by a newsman who at best would be called a tabloid journalist. In 2003, an employee found a piece of a stone scraper within view of Carlsbad Cavern entrance that goes back to age Indian Hunters.

Things to see:
You can see the inside of caves,bats flying at night ,and look for the Milkyway.

Things to do:
You can go to a night sky program, cave tours, and a bat flight program.

Resources I used:
Whales Mouth****

Inside Carlsbad Caverns
View inside