By: Jada W.

Redwood National Park:

Redwood National Park is home to the tallest trees in the world.
Living up to 2,000 years old, weighing up to 1.6 million pounds, and growing up to 367 feet tall.
There are other things to see, too. I'm sure it'll suit your liking.

Location, Size, & Distance:

Prairie, the tall trees.

Redwood National Park is in Humboldt, California.
The size of the park total is 112,597.58 acres.
The distance from my hometown (Oskaloosa, Iowa) and would take 1 day and 8 hours to get there (1,986 mi)

Park Hours:

The park is open all yearlong.
Visitor Center hours:
Summer: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Winter: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Spring and fall: 9:00am to 5:00pm


In Humboldt, California in Redwood National Park is really foggy, and the temperatures are: 40-60 degrees all year long.
Summers are warmer temperatures. Winter is a cooler temperature with precipitation.


Redwood National Park became an actual park in 1968.
Gold was discovered at Gold Bluffs Beach in the 1850's.
Some mining was opened after the Civil War but was closed shortly after. Remains can still be found at Gold Bluffs Beach today.
Another thing was logging was created in 1851, and redwood tree bark was created to make the logs.


-Logging was made out of redwood bark.
-IF you see a mountain lion do NOT run. Or bend over, appear as large as you can.
Tsunami: If there is a Tsunami move to a higher ground. If there is no high ground stay away from the coast.
Earthquakes: Earthquake deaths caused mostly by falling things. Get under something sturdy. If your outside when it hits stay away from trees, power lines, and buildings.

Flowers from the prairie.

Things to see:

These are some of the things you could see on your trip:
Visiting the prairie:
Coyote, Black bear, Brush rabbit, Black-tailed deer, Mountain lions and cougars and a Roosevelt elk.
Red tailed hawk, Black phoebe, Song sparrow, Wrentit, and an Allen’s Hummingbird.
Reptiles & Amphibians:
Western toad, Northern alligator lizard, Western fence lizard, Northwestern ringneck snake.
And more.

Things to do:

1. Go to: Elk Prairie, Fern Canyon, Gold Bluffs Beach, Lagoon Creek, etc.
2. You can go horseback riding, stay at your own risk. You need to be at least five years old to ride.
3. Outdoor activities such as- Kayaking, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, bicycling, etc.
Places to go such as-
campgrounds, visiting centers, nearby attractions, etc.


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