Arches National Park

By:Brynn S.

In Arches National Park Arches their is a lot of sights that you can go to, be sure to bring your hiking boots because there is lot's of hiking and mountains to climb!

Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch

Location is just north Moab the biggest town in Utah.The size of this park is 527 square miles of land and canyons.The park is located 1078.09 miles fro
Location of Arches
Location of Arches
m (Oskaloosa, Iowa) my hometown.It takes 16 hours & 7 min. and like I said 1078.09 miles to get to Arches National Park.

Park hours

The park is open year-round, 24 hours a day. The Visitor center is open daily from 8:00am to 4:30pm, with extended hours spring through fall. The visitor center is closed December 25th.


warm weather in Arches National Park is just like the rest of Utah.The weather during different seasons are as follows:Screen_shot_2012-05-18_at_12.43.29_PM.png

*it ranges from 18.0 - 52.0(winter)
*it ranges from 42.0 - 82.0(spring
*it ranges from 82.0 - 99.0(summe
*it ranges from 73.0 - 86.0(fall)


The first "visitors" to the canyon were believed to be the Paleo -Indains they lived in the Arches 10,000 to 7,8000 BC might have been the earliest people to see the Arches.
Denis Julien helped make the park. Arches has been around for many of years and was home to many Indians.


*Lizards, including the colorful collard lizard, are one of the most frequently seen animals at Arches National Park.
  • Landscape Arch iexternal image 120px-Landscape_Arch_in_Arches_National_Park.jpgs the longest Arch in Arches NationalPark, measuring 306 feet base to base. In 1991, a massive slab of rock fell from its underside, resulting in an even thinner ribbon of rock.
  • Research Learning Centers have been developed to facilitate research efforts and provide educational opportunities for all people to gain new knowledge about Arches National Park.

external image 120px-Arches4.png

Things to See

  • When you are in the Arches you can see and visit red Rock Wonderland and see all the different colors and types of rocks.
  • You can also see all the different animals (insects, mammals, reptiles, birds)...
  • And last but not least you can see all the beautiful wildflowers in all different shapes colors.

Things To Doexternal image 120px-Broken_Arch_in_Arches_NP.jpeg

  • You can hike between the tall sandstones fins in the Delvils garden perhaps the worlds longest.Walk to sand dune arch, Campgrounds.
  • Takes the Celicate Arch Trail from wolfe ranch up the sloping slickrock to stand under the best known arch the world.
  • Delicate arch at sunset.

external image 120px-Crossbedding_in_Entrada_Sandstone.jpeg