By: Kelcey C.

In Canyonlands, there are places to go and things to see!
Fun activities like hiking, biking, boating or even four-wheeling in the park's backcountry.
Not only that, you can go camping, horseback riding,and even stargazing! What fun!
Stargazing in Canyonlands

Location. Size. Distance.
Canyonlands is in Utah. It has 337,598 acres of fun!
Driving from Oskaloosa, Iowa, It is1112.39 miles.
If driving it takes 17 hours and 23 minutes to get there.

Winter- High 30 to low 70degrees
Spring- High 30 to mid 50degrees
Summer- 80 to 90degrees+
Fall- Low 60 to high 80degrees
Thunderstorms-About 37 times a year
Canyonlands is open year-round, 24 hours a day.
The parks visitors center is open from 9:00 a.m- 4:30p.m. daily.
Biggest bolder on Canyonlands property

Canyonlands became a national park in September 12, 1964. Native Americans helped make Canyonalands.
In the 1950s and the early 1960s, a National Monument, Bates Wilson, succeeded in the building of the National Park what we call now“Canyonlands.”


Up to 473,773 people visit Canyonlands in a year. Canyonlands had up to 800,000 acres of land that could have been used, but wasn’t. Canyonlands has 10,000 square miles of rugged wilderness.
Canyonlands is largely covered by a living soil called CRYPTOBIOTIC CRUST, and bacteria.
In 2003, adventurer Aron Ralstongot trapped alone in a slot canyon near the Maze district. He cut off his own arm to save his life. In December 2008, activist Tim DeChristopher attempted to mess in a lions cage. He wasn't killed, but he was serverely injured.

Things To See.
In Canyonlands you can see things like lizards (the colorful collared lizard.) Foxes, bobcats, and mountain lions.
Porcupines,desert cottontails, black-tailed jackrabbits, and many songbird.

Highest view point

Things To Do.
Go hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding, stargazing, four-wheeling, and more!
In Canyonlands there is just about everything for everyone to do.
You can walk in nature, see weird animals, and LOTS more.


Canyon walk through