Gettysburg National Military Park

by Amanda

Gettysburg National Military Park is a great place to go if you want to learn about the anything they had before the park opened.The best part is the park is mostly open from 6:00A.M.-10:00P.M. that is the park hours.

Location is the state of Pennsylvania. Size of Gettysburg National military Park is 5,989 acres. Distance is 1310km/813mi.

Weather, Winter is 25.9F
Spring weather is 51.8F
Summer weather is 81.3F
Fall weather is 41.7F

History it became a park in 1933. The Federal government helped make the park. The history of the park is they had a battle before it opened and then they decided that the battle could open a park called Gettysburg National Military Park.

Facts it is in the state of Pennsylvania. The battle brought devastation to the park. Almost 2 million people visit there a year.

Things to do is you might tour the battle. Tour some other parts of the park. Also do some other fun stuff at the park.

Things to see is things in the visitor center. Some other reservations. You will also see pictures too.

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