By; Michael v.

Glacier Bay National Park is the park you will you will want to come to. There are lots places to see. There are Whales, bears, even snow! So come and see are park.


The location of Glacier Bay National Park is in the Southeastern lag of Alaska. The size of the park is 3,280,198 acres. The distance from Oskaloosa, Iowa is to Glacier Bay National Park 59 hours/ 2980.79 miles away.
Glacier bay location

Park Hours

The park is open year around and the visitor center is open true mid may - mid september.


In winter the weather is 30-37 and in spring 35-54 and in

summer 60-62 and in fall 37-52.


Glacier bay became a park in 1980. The International Biosphere reserve helped the park. Tlingit Indians are the ancestors of the park.Covered in ice about 200 years ago. Huna Tlingit lived there. Glacier Bay national park had many famous persons visit. You can still see glaciers there today.


Approximately 420 species of plants in Glacier Bay National Park. There are 230 species of birds. There is Lot of places to camp.
moutins at Glacier Bay

Things to see

Thing that you can see is glaciers, whales, bears, and snow.

Thing to do

Thing to do is whale watching, hiking, and kayaking.
Seal on iceberg