Ean Beenken

Park name: Glacier

  • Minnesota
  • Its size is 1,000,000
  • 14,000 miles from Oskaloosa.

park hours
  • its open all year long depending on the weather

  • winter is very cold
  • spring is in between
  • summer is hot at some points
  • fall warm sometimes

  • when did glacier national park become a park is 1910
  • who helped glacier become a park is President Taft
  • what is the history about this is Blackfeet Tribe Indians controlled the vast prairies.


  • Glacier National park is home to many wonderful examples of physical geologic formations, wildlife, and plant life.
things to see
  • Sometimes if you go you will see at glacier National park you will see a nanny and kid mountain goats.

things to do
  • Fifty mile ride on sun road