By: Levi F.

If you go to Grand Teton you can see wonderful mountains and you can go on hikes. And there is many more things to do.

this is a sunrise at grand teton

winter in grand teton

It is located in Moose, WY and it will take you 16 hours and 56 min. to drive there.Its size is 310,00 acres long.It is 854.29 miles from Oskaloosa, IA.

Park Hours
Grand Teton is open all year around except on Dec. 25 its closed. The visitor center is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


The average high temperature in winter at Grand Teton is 26 degrees.And in spring it is 55 degrees.The average high in summer is 80 degrees.And in fall it is 53.

it became a national park in 1929.Presedent Teddy Roosevelt and settlers in Jackson Hole helped make it a official park.before Grand Teton became a national park a place called jackson Hole was there. People went to Jackson Hole for wealth.Other people lived there but when it started becoming better with gas stations and stuff it got to crowded and people moved away then it got torn down but some stuff is still there.

Grand Teton is home of some of the oldest rocks in the world.But it is also home of the biggest birds in the world they are called trumpeter swan and it ways 20-30 pounds.And every few thousand years there is an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 because there is a fault lays at the base of Grand Teton.

Things to see
you can see many birds such as the Trumpeter swan and the waterfowl birds. you can also see Pikas if you look in the grass hard enough.Another thing you can see is the huge mountains.another thing is elk,deer,and bison on the road.

Things to do
you can hike,walk,look at wild life,take Photographs,and can also swim,go boating or canoeing,and fish and many more.