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Hawaii Volcanoes national park is a great place to go if you like volcanoes. The park is nearly 100 years old and a great place to go if you like hiking. This park has one of the most largest volcano systems in the entire world.

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oozing lava with explosion

Hawaii Volcanoes national park is located on the south-eastern part of the big island of Hawaii. The park
is 323,431 acres large (130,888 ha). It is located 3925 miles (6316 km) from
my town; Oskaloosa Iowa.
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Park Hours.
The visitor (information) center is open from 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The park itself is open year round.


The following lists the average precipitation and weather of 2011 (in Fahrenheit).

  • Winter:
    • Precipitation- 14 in.
    • Temperature- 66.83 F
  • Spring:
    • Precipitation- 18 in.
    • Temperature- 67.23 F
      fiery of Kilauea
  • Summer:
    • Precipitation- 5 in.
    • Temperature- 71.03 F
  • Autumn:
    • Precipitation- 13 in.
    • Temperature- 70.83 F
  • Annual:
    • Precipitation- 50 in.
    • Temperature- 68.98 F


Hawaii Volcanoes national park was established on August 1, 1916 by Lorrin A. Thurston. In 1790, a group of traveling warriors were in a battle when they got hit by a violent eruption. One side thought it could be used as in advantage, so instead of fleeing like the other side, split up and attempted to attack. Most of them were killed but others survived and left footprints in the lava that is still visible today.

some facts

Hawaii Volcanoes national park is 96 years old as of August 1, 2012. And will be 100 years in 2016. The park gets an average of about 1,197,000 visitors every year. Hawaii volcanoes biggest and most popular volcano is Kilauea, which is more than 3,000 feet in diameter and about 200 feet deep.

Things to see

A few interesting things to see are, Hawaii Volcanoes two biggest volcanoes; Kilauea and Mauna Loa. The
lava go "splish splash"
annual and free "Kilauea Cultural Festival" open to visitors, and held in front of the crater itself! Then go on the shores and see the steamy reaction of the molten lava oozing into the pacific ocean.

Things to do

Explore the tall summit of Kilauea, encircled by a road =). Walk the amazing 4 mile long trail around Kilauea Ika, complete with a guide and activities for the little ones. Or walk any of the 150 miles of trails' around the park.