Kobuk River
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Location/ Size/ Distance

The park is located in Alaska. The distance from Oskaloosa to 2585 miles 66 hours 43 minutes. The size of it is 2,736 square mlles (7,086 square km).

Park Hours

The parks hours are June through September, open Monday through Friday at 8:30AM through 6:30PM and open Saturday at 10:30AM through 6:30PM it is closed Sunday. October through May, it is closed Monday it is open Tuesday through Friday at 9:00AM through 12:00PM and 1:00PM through 6:00PM open Saturday at 12:00 through 4:00PM it is closed Sunday.


Snow, ice, wind and blow-freezing temperatures exist from October through April. summer temps average is 54 degrees fahrenheit, although some days in July might get up to 100 degrees fahrenheit. Freezing temps might occur at any time.

Kobuk pond

Kobuk Valley National Park is the famous Onion Portage. Woodland culture defined by pioneer archeologist J. Louis Giddings. Recent archeologist work conducted by NPS archeologist have found evidence of human usages of the Sand Dunes Complex, settlements along the main course of the Kobuk River, and most recently a temporary camp high in the mountain pass between the Kobuk and the Noatak Valleys.


In Kobuk Valley National Park you can hunt and trap animals. The only place in Kobuk Valley locoweed can be found in the sand dunes of Kobuk Valley National Park. The Great kobuk Valley Sand Dunes, located within Kobuk Valley National Park, is the largest active dune field in the Arctic North America.

Things To See

things you can see is the largest caribou, grizzlies, minks, loons, wood frogs,you can see plants, birds, mammals, fish and only one amphibian.

Things to do

You can go camping in the Kobuk Valley National Park, you can also go boating, hiking, backpacking, wild life watching , photography and fishing opportunities abound.

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