By: Dakota G

Dont forget to read the sign

It would be fun to go to the cave and get to see all of the stuff that has been there for many years.
Make sure to bring good cloths and some gear cause of the bats.
You get to go camping , it is fun because you get to stay in the nature the intire time.

Location, Size, & Distance

The park is located in Kentucky.
The park is not the biggest but not the smallest, it is 52,830 Acres.
The distance from Oskaloosa, Iowa is 663.4 miles, the time is 11 hours &13 minutes.
Park Hours

Mammoth cave park is open from March 17 to May 24 time 8:00 to 6:15.
The visitor center is open May25 to June 22 time 8:00 to 6:30 central time


in Winter 30's to 40's
Spring 60's to 70's
Summer 80's to 90's
Fall 50's to 80's
in the cave 54 all year bring a light jacket


Authorized in 1826 but established on July1,1841
Mammoth cave lies 150 miles from a major earthquake that was along the Mississippi River
The Mammoth Cave was created by running water and animals
Everybody has been able to go into the cave and tour it since 1842


It got its name by anearlier guider named Stephen Bishop
The first human to enter Mammoth cave went under a imposing arch 4,000 years ago
A European settler discovered the Mammoth cave
Mammoth cave is the longestcave system

Things to seeSome animals you might see are some cave crayfish, screeching owl, and a crustaceans
You might find a plant name a drier oak-hickoryforest

The unique artifacts in side of the cave

Things to do

A kid age 8-12 can go on the trog tour
If you bring a tent you can stay the night instead of a hotel
If you are into biking there are bike trails, you could go on the river and go canoeing, horseback riding, culture, fishing, and hiking