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presidents heads

stands as a symbol of America and the total cost of memorial was $989,992.32.


Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota near Rapid City in Black hills national forest.the distance form Oskaloosa to Mount Rushmore is 10hrs 35mins/707.28 miles.

When open.

Mount Rushmore is open all year.The visitor center is open all year.

The climate.

The climate in winter up to 20-30. in spring up to 50-60. in summer up to 70-80. in fall up to 40-50.

When it became a national memorial.

Mount Rushmore became a National memorial in October 31, 1941. Doane Robinson [know as the farther of Mount Rushmore.] helped make it a national memorial.

Fun Facts.

Almost three million visitors a year from across the country and around the world come to see it.
Mount Rushmore is know as a symbol of freedom. The figure of Thomas Jefferson was originally started on Washington's right side,but after 18 months of carving the figure of Thomas had to be blasted off the mountain and restarted on Washington's left side.Many American Indian tribes used prairie coneflower to treat headaches and to make yellow dye. THis flower still blooms at Mount Rushmore from late June to September.
Prairie flower

Things to see.

The four presidents heads, the hall of records, and Lincoln Borglum museum.

Things to do.

go camping. tour the Lincoln Borglum museum.can go hiking.


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