by Brenden

The parks name is Olympic National Park and its located at Washinhihigton state
its one of the best national park i hope you enjoy.


The park is located in Washington state. The size of Olympic 1,442 Sq miles. the distance from my state 1,559.

one of the awesome thing at the park

park hours

My park is open 24/7 365 days a year. The visitor center is open on april 25.


In the summer times the temps reach up to 80 to 85. But in the winter it drops down to 30 to 40. In the spring its only 35 to 60


President Franklin D. Roosevelt help make it when he took office.
The park was founded in 1774 by Europeans and its mountain was first climbed in 1907.


There are 37 native fish. nearly 500,000 museum objects in olympic. There is 611 miles of trail

168 miles of road 60 named glaciers over 3,000 miles of rivers and streams 457 buildings

things to see

the mountain at olympic

You will see all kinds of plants and animals then theres rain forest valleys.