Nichole S.

The Rocky Mountain National Park does not just go into Colorado it goes up into the states above it. I would love to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park because it would be fun to go fishing and other things that would be fun like the. There's a lot more things to do at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Rocky Mountains is a really big and is in Colorado. The size of the Rocky Mountain's is 415 square miles. From Oskaloosa, Iowa to the Rocky Mountain's, it is 753.54 miles away. It would take 1 hours 41 min away.

Park Hours
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The park is open 24 hours a day. Most of the visitor centers are open year around 8:00 - 5:00. They are closed on Christmas though. The Rocky Mountain National park has 7 visitor centers. There is only on that is not open right now and that is the Alpine visitor center. They are only open if Train Ridge visitor center.

The weather for the Rocky Mountains for the winter is very cold in the 60's . I would wear in layers because if your going to go hiking I don't think you want to freeze. In the spring its warmer then in the winter. Its around 70's, I would wear some what warm. The summer its sunny mornings and afternoon sometimes thunderstorms cool nights. The fall I would wear some what warm cloths if its going to be in the 60's or 70's. I would check on the internet to see what the weather is going to be there when you go.

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The Rocky Mountains are became a national park on January 25, 1915. The National Park was found by President Woodrow Wilson. During the ice age the glaciers were shaping the landscape. It was not until 11,000 years until the humans roomed though the valley's. There used to be miners that used to look for gold. Did you know in 2004 there was 190 search and reuse incident in the park there was about 3 million visitors at the park at the same time. The oldest rock at the Rocky Mountains is 1.7 billion years old. In 1905 the, congress created the Rocky Mountain on the nations 10th birthday. Aka research volunteers gave more than 4,500 hours at the park in 2009.

Things To See
There's a lot of things to see at the Rocky Mountains. You can see a lot of animals such as elk deer and moose. You can see flowers also there is different kinds of flowers to see. You can see a lot of other things like mountains and even people.

Things To Do
There is a lot of things to do at the Rocky Mountains you can do you can go fishing, go out there and catch those fish. You can go horseback riding don't get bucked off. You can go camping and enjoy that camp fire. Last but not least go hiking and just have fun with your family!