Katlyn Thomas
Saguaro National Park

  • Location/Size/Distance
  • what is the size of your park? 143 sq. miles (370km2)
  • what is the distance of your park? (15 meters)

Park hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm everyday but christmas
when is the visitor center open? 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • spring/ summer time is when they are mostly warm in the 80ยบ

when did it become a national park? In 1993 it became a national.
what is the history of the park? John F. kennedy was the presedent land in the saguaro park. They have the largest cactus in the united states of america.

what are some interesting facts about the park? That the park is divide into two different sections the first one is called districts lying above 20 miles. The Rincon Mountain District is located to the eastern edge in more than 8,000 feet tall Tucson, Arizona.

Things to See
What are some things i might see while i visit the park?
You can go to the camping resources In the mountains and you can go hiking with your friends & family. You can walk threw the parks. Owls have been spotted in the past.

Things to Do
You can go camping and hiking with people you know and you will might meet new people and while you are walking threw the camp ground you might find Owls also when you are also camping you can go fishing. You can climb the mountains and see the best things you haven't before.

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