By: Megan B

This is the wild horse range
Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a really interesting park. The name was based of of the president Theodore Roosevelt after he died of an arterial blood clot at age 60 in honor of going through what is now Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a great place for kids and teachers to learn more about Theodore Roosevelt. While you are there you will see lots of animals like elk, bison, white-tail deer, and prairie dogs.

Location, Size, and distance

Theodore Roosevelt National park is an amazing size. The size is 70,446.89 acres. That's big!!!!!! The park is located in North Dakota, and the distance from Iowa to the park would be 12 hrs and 59 min. which is 856.80 miles. That is a long way from Iowa.

Park hours

The park is open 24 hours a day year round. That gives you each and avery day to go to the park and learn more about Theodore Roosevelt and his journey. The visitor center is open on the south unit and the north unit 8:00 am to 4:30 pm every day.


In the winters are in the mid 60s and 70s but yet breezy, so you should probably wear warm clothing. In the spring it in the 80s and 90s but not breezy so you should probably wear cool clothing. In the summer is is very nice, so you would have to wear very cool clothing, it is in the 90s to 100s. THAT IS HOT! In the fall it is about the same so you would have to wear cool clothing, also the weather is 90s to 100s.

This is the Theodore Roosevelt National park badlands.

It became a national park on November 10, 1978. When Theodore Roosevelt died family members and friends decided to make a national memorial in honor of his journey. The cool thing about Theodore Roosevelt is that he was the first president to leave the outside of the United States while in office. Roosevelt was blind in his left eye, the result of a boxing injury. Theodore Roosevelt was known as the youngest president. He graduated from Harvard in 1880. He was the vise president of William McKinley.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park contains 29,920 acres of wilderness, one of the few islands of designated wilderness in the Northern Great Plains. Elk, bison, and feral horses are monitored and managed by Theodore Roosevelt. In the summer months, rangers offer interesting talks and guided activities to advance your understanding.

Things to See

Go see one of Theodore Roosevelt’s Maltese cross cabin. You can also see The Cannonball Concretions. With over 25 miles of trails there are a variety of options all over the South District and you could see a lot of different animals.

Things to Do

You can go horseback riding at the Roundup Group Horse Campground. You can also go an animal search and look at different animals. You can go camping at one of the parks and have a blast with your family.

More facts

"After nightfall the face of the country seems to alter marvelously, and the clear moonlight only intensifies the change. The river gleams like running quicksilver, and the moonbeams play over the grassy stretches of the plateaus...The Bad Lands seem to be stranger and wilder than ever, the silvery rays turning the country into a kind of grim fairyland." – Theodore Roosevelt. This is one of Theodore Roosevelt’s quotes about nature. Golden eagles may be seen in Theodore Roosevelt National Park year-round. When you are at the park you can take a tour of Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross Cabin.