Kolob Canyons
By: Camerin L.

Zion National Park is Utah's first national park. It has many huge sandstone cliffs, a narrow slot canyon, and a huge array of plants and animals. Zion is also part of the "Grand Circle" of national parks.

Location, size, and distance:

Zion national park is located on State Route 9 near Springdale, Utah.
The park is 146,597.60 acres (593.3km2)(229 sq. miles) in size. The distance from Oskaloosa, IA to the park is 1362.23 miles. The distance from Chicago to Zion is 1636.44 miles, driving 60 miles an hour you would get to Zion in 24 hours and 33 min. approximate.

Park hours:

The park visitors center offers services year round except Christmas day. The park itself is open year round. The park is its busiest in the spring and fall when its nice out.
A pot shard

Kolob Arch

Weather and precipitation:

On a Winter day-20s-70s Winter night-20s-40s
Spring day-60s-80s Spring night- 50s-60s
Summer day-80s-110s Summer night-60s-80s
Fall day-70s-100s Fall night-45-75
  • Precipitation is quite common year round


Zion became a national park on November 19, 1919.
The Anasazi Native Americans were the first known to inhabit
century the area in about A.D. 500. when the anasazi left in A.D. 1200, the area was uninhabited until the 19th century, but may have had some visitors over the many years. Then in 1909 President Theodore Roosevelt established the area as
a poster from when Zion opened
Mukuntuweap National Monument. Later in 1918 the unpopular name Mukuntuweap was changed to Zion and in 1919 the area was made a National Park by the United States Congress.

Interesting Facts:

Zion has a trail where pets are allowed, called pa'rus trail, so bring your pets if you want.
Zion's Kolob Arch is one of the biggest freestanding arches in the world.
On at the time it was built, July 4, 1930, the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel was the longest tunnel in the United States at 1.1 miles.
Angel's Landing view

Things to see:

Zion has huge sandstone cliffs to marvel at. Zion also has a scenic drive of vividly colored cliffs that tower above you as you drive along the canyon floor. Zion also includes a museum that has collections of items from the Anasazi period. Plus so much more!

Things to do:

Hiking- Zion has many, many trails in which you can walk, but only one of which you can bring your pet.
Horseback riding-If you want to learn or you just love horses just call 1-435 679-8665 for reservations at Zion.
Camping-Zion has 2 campgrounds one of which is open year round. Reservations for Watchman Campground may be made from march through late november.
Zion east entrance





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